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Electron Linear Accelerator Network (Superconducting Linac Technology)

ELAN is a Networking Activities (N2) in the framework of CARE (Coordinated Accelerator Research in Europe). The webpage is concerned with the workpackage LTECSC (Superconducting Linac Technology).

The work package is aimed at improving existing technology to its limits and to evaluate new materials for application in accelerators. The coordination in this work-package will allow well-defined R&D programs to share the workload between different institutes. Additionally, a comparison between the standard technology available today and possible alternatives is needed. This would allow one to increase either the performance and the reliability of the technology or a more cost efficient approach. In this way each subsystem from the accelerating structure to the power source will be reviewed and can be optimised in this framework.

The coordination will avoid duplication of developments. A database on SRF related documents will serve to ease distribution of the information. The workpackage will also serve to include industry into the R&D effort by introducing training courses thus allowing one to transfer knowledge from institutes to the industry. Also, new developments in technology will be reviewed for industrial manufacturability.


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